Golf can drive us nuts!

Why go at it alone? Dormied is a social community for golf nuts of all skill levels to discuss the game and learn from each other. We have also partnered with some of the game's top instructors to offer swing analysis, premium courses and free tips.

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Golfers of all skill levels connect and share their love of the game.

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Ty Lim | Founder & CEO

14 HCP | Bad Putter

Hi, thank you for checking us out. If you're here, you probably love and obsess over the game as much as I do. And who can blame us? Golf takes us to some amazing places, creates memorable experiences and constantly challenges us to be better. 

So when my co-founders and I looked to connect with more golfers outside of our group, we were disappointed with our options. Golf forums were pretty exclusive and tailored for advanced players. Mainstream sites focused on professional tour players. And social networks really centered the conversation around influencers rather than a community. There wasn't a site that was championing the everyday golfer and saying here is a place dedicated to you. So we built Dormied - a social community for golfers of all skill levels to connect, share and have some fun together.  Would like to hear what you think.